Our Students

Cohort Class 5 (AY2014-16)

Cohort 5 Class students with Dr. Lily Vhen and Dr. Linda Chen at 2014 orientation meeting

Cohort Class 4 (AY2013-15)

Cohort 4 Class students group photo taken in 2013

Cohort Class 3 (AY2012-14)

Cohort 3 graduates at Biology graduation event at SFSU gym in May 2014

Cohort Class 3 Graduaties at SFSU commencement in SFSU campus

Cohort 3 Class students with Dr. Lily Chen and Dr. Linda Chen in Hensill Hall 2013

Cohort Class 2 (AY2011-13)

Cohort 2 Graduates at Biology graduation ceremony May 2013

Cohort 2 Class group photo taken in 2012

Cohort Class 1 (AY2010-12)

Cohort 1 graduates at Biology Graduation event in May 2012

Cohort 1 Class students at the orientation meeting in August 2010