2020-2022 Announcement

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2022 Announcements

New CIRM Undergraduate Training Program Award: The new CIRM COMPASS Inclusive Pathways for Stem Cell Scholars (IPSCS) Undergraduate Training Program award (2022-2027) at San Francisco State University prepares undergraduate students for cutting edge stem cell research and workforce development. The IPSCS program provides two-year fellowships to 25 Scholars over the course of the five-year funding period and the resources to build the foundation for implementing innovative and inclusive diversity training address current and diverse workforce needs in emerging stem cell fields. SF State is awarded a new COMPASS award from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). The funds will help establish the Inclusive Pathways for Stem Cell Scholars (IPSCS) Undergraduate Training Program to prepare undergraduate students for the stem cell workforce, with a focus on students interested in alternative career paths outside of graduate or medical school. CIRM is awarding $46 million in grants, $2.9 million of which is going to SF State. The program will be led by Professor of Biology Lily Chen.

Stem Cell Day Teaching Outreach: SFSU Science Master’s students Jasmine Freund and Harnoor Virk, alumnus Rocky Ng (teacher) and Professor Lily Chen delivered introductory lectures on Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine to the second year and third year Biotechnology students attending South San Francisco High School’s Genentech Futurelab Science Garage program (November 2nd and 3rd 2022).  

2022 CIRM Bridges Trainee Meeting: CIRM Program Director Dr. Lily Chen and CIRM Bridges Science Master’s Cohort 1 Students attended 2022 CIRM Bridges Trainee meeting and presented their internship research on July 25-27 in San Diego. 


2021 Announcements

Stem Cell Science Master's Virtual Open House (First Monday of the Month, 5:15-6 pm): May 3, June 7, July 5, August 2, September 6, October 4, November 1, December 6); Zoom Meeting ID: 837 3873 3095.

Stem Cell and Gene Editing Basics Workshop (date, location and fee structure to be determined)


2020 Announcements

Congratulations: Congratulations to CIRM and PSM Spring 2020 graduates who attend PhD and other graduate programs this Fall (2020):

  • Luis Angel Ayala - MS-Biology: Cell and Molecular Biology (CIRM Bridges Stem Cell Research Attending the Cellular and Molecular Biosciences PhD program at University of California at Irvine
  • Jessica Arozqueta Basurto - MS-Biology: Cell & Molecular Biology (CIRM Bridges Stem Cell Research) Attending Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine PhD program at Stanford University
  • Coohleen Coombes - MS-Biology: Cell & Molecular Biology (CIRM Bridges Stem Cell Research) Attending Molecular and Cell Biology PhD program at University of Washington
  • Gabrielle Kleyner - MS-Biology: Cell & Molecular Biology (CIRM Bridges Stem Cell Research)
  • Attending UC Hastings School of Law
  • Puneet Sanghera - MS-Biomedical Science (PSM): Stem Cell Science (CIRM Bridges Stem Cell Research) Attending Ross University, School of Medicine
  • Amanda Chen - MS-Biomedical Science (PSM): Biotechnology
  • Attending Immunology & Microbial Pathogenesis PhD Program at Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences
  • A blog by CIRM alumnus Yimy Villa (blog.CIRM.ca,org): CIRM Bridges program prepared student for research of a rare disease. Special highlight on Dr. Ian Blong, Ph.D., CIRM San Francisco State University Bridges to Stem Cell Research alumnus.

UCSF COVID-19 Hackathon Team ‘Sniff ‘N Drip:’

Project: Nasopharyngeal wash and oropharyngeal swab for COVID-19 testing

Members: Nicole Carvajal (team captain; UCB), Kristina Chan (UCB), Arianna Velarde (Canada College/SF STATE) and Lily Chen, PhD (SF STATE)

Bridges to the Baccalaureate summer student Arianna Velarde and Biology Professor Lily Chen were part of UCB/SF STATE team (Sniff ‘N Drip) that participated in the UCSF COVID-19 Hackathon this summer and was recognized with the AWS award benefits. Over the course of three weeks in June 2020, roughly 400 participants and mentors from around the world have teamed up as a result of the UCSF COVID-19 Hackathon hosted by the UCSF LaunchPad and UCSF Catalyst Program to design new innovative and technical solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. (BioConnect, 2020)

ABC 7 News @4 pm on July 29, 2020: Cleanliness may provide 'false hope' when combating COVID-19

Dr. Lily Chen was interviewed by Lauren Martinez, a reporter from ABC 7 News Bay Area, as part of news story to discuss the importance of wearing face masks and surface cleanliness may provide ‘false hope’ when combating COVID-19.

photo of BioConnect hackathon in 2020
photo of Lily Chen being interviewed by abc7news reporter