Bridges to Stem Cell Science Master’s Program (2010-2021)

SF STATE CIRM Bridges Programs

SF STATE is a large, urban university serving a highly diverse student population. SF STATE's California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Bridges program is a two-year master's level training program in stem cell biology. SF STATE stem cell training program has been funded by CIRM since 2010. The program supports 10 master’s-level trainees annually with a year-long fellowship that includes 12 months stipends, tuitions, stem cell techniques training, travel and research supply funds.

CIRM Bridges Science Master’s Program (EDUC2-12693)

The CIRM Bridges Science Master’s Program at San Francisco State University (2022-2027) aims to continue preparing talented and motivated students for successful careers in the biomedical workforce to accelerate the discovery, development and delivery of stem cell, gene therapy and related technologies for improving human health. The program focuses on training competent science graduates, with 12-months fellowship and mentoring supports, from diverse and disadvantaged groups to promote advances in stem cell, regenerative medicine and emerging STEM fields.

CIRM Bridges 2.0: Training the Next Generation of Stem Cell Scientists (EDUC2-08391)

This CIRM Bridges 2.0: Training the Next Generation of Stem Cell Scientists program (2016-2021) supports 10 master’s-level trainees annually for two different tracks: a Masters of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology with an emphasis in Stem Cell Biology (the “MS program”) for the academic-bound, and a Professional Science Masters with a concentration in Stem Cell Science (the “PSM program”) for the industry bound. Trainees take core courses during the first year and  participate in a week-long intensive Stem Cell Laboratory course taught by faculty at one of the host sites. In the second year, trainees conduct research for 12 months in a host lab. Program culminates with a Masters thesis and manuscript submission.

photo of CIRM Bridges meeting group

SF STATE 2018 CIRM Bridges Trainees with Directors Dr. Lily Chen and Dr. Carmen Domingo

SF STATE CIRM Current and Past Students and Their Lab Affiliations

2020-2021 CIRM Trainees and Research Mentors

Kevin Chen-Dr. Robert Blelloch (UCSF)

Emily Chu-Dr. Julie Sneddon (UCSF)

Joanna Donatelli-Dr. Timothy Henrich (UCSF)

Amanda Johnson-Dr. Mercedes Parades (UCSF)

Elaine Kwan-Dr. Michael Rosenblum (UCSF)

Mesomachukwu Okoye-Dr. Faranak Fattahi (UCSF)

Caitlin Peaslee-Dr. Aras Mattis (UCSF)

Thanh Quach-Dr. Diana Laird (UCSF)

David Zalazar-Dr. Todd McDevitt (Gladstone-UCSF)

Mitchelle Pablo-Dr. Vittorio Sebastiano (Stanford)


  • Congratulations to CIRM and PSM Spring 2020 graduates who attend PhD and other graduate programs Fall 2020:
  • Luis Angel Ayala - MS-Biology: Cell and Molecular Biology (CIRM Bridges Stem Cell Research)-Cellular and Molecular Biosciences PhD program at University of California at Irvine
  • Jessica Arozqueta Basurto - MS-Biology: Cell & Molecular Biology (CIRM Bridges Stem Cell Research)-Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine PhD program at Stanford University
  • Coohleen Coombes - MS-Biology: Cell & Molecular Biology (CIRM Bridges Stem Cell Research)-Molecular and Cell Biology PhD program at University of Washington
  • Gabrielle Kleyner - MS-Biology: Cell & Molecular Biology (CIRM Bridges Stem Cell Research)-UC Hastings School of Law
  • Puneet Sanghera - MS-Biomedical Science (PSM): Stem Cell Science (CIRM Bridges Stem Cell Research)-Ross University, School of Medicine
  • Amanda Chen - MS-Biomedical Science (PSM): Biotechnology-Immunology & Microbial Pathogenesis PhD Program at Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Recent Publications and Blog:

Recent Publications and Blog:

  • A publication by CIRM Bridges alumnus Kenisha Puckett (2017-2018, Dr. Susan Fisher lab at UCSF): Genomic Profiling of BDE-47 Effects on Human Placental Cytotrophoblasts. Robinson JF, Kapidzic M, Hamilton EG, Chen H, Puckett KW, Zhou Y, Ona K, Parry E, Wang, Park JS, Costello JF, Fisher SJ. Toxicol Sci. 2019 Jan 1;167(1):211-226. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfy230.
  • A publication by CIRM Bridges student Joanna Donatelli (2020-2021, Dr. Timonthy Henrich lab at UCSF): From Berlin to London: HIV-1 Reservoir Reduction Following Stem Cell Transplantation. Prator, C.A., Donatelli, J. & Henrich, T.J. Curr HIV/AIDS Rep 17, 385–393 (2020).
  • A blog by CIRM alumnus Yimy Villa (,org): CIRM Bridges program prepared student for research of a rare disease. Special highlight on Dr. Ian Blong, Ph.D., CIRM San Francisco State University Bridges to Stem Cell Research alumnus.


Past Trainees:

Vanessa Aguilera-Dr. Yaren Yeghiazarians - UCSF

Masae Ahmann-Dr. Renee Reijo-Pera - Stanford University

Vikash Jethwani-Dr. Cheryl A. Stoddart - UCSF

Marisa Leal-Dr. Harold Bernstein - UCSF

David Newstrom-Drs. John Rubenstein/Ingrams - UCSF

Rachel Nitta-Dr. Miguel Ramalho-Santos - UCSF

Ashley Sanders-Clark-Dr. Ophir Klein - UCSF

Nicole Slusher-Dr. Susan Lynch - UCSF

Lidia Tekie-Dr. Christine Wildsoet - UC Berkeley

Claudia Tomas Miranda-Dr. Rong Wang - UCSF

Saeed Azimi-Dr. Ophir Klein - UCSF

Chanawan Joy Chananukul-Dr. Holger Karsunky - Cellerant Therapeutics

Sompob Cholsiripunlert-Dr. Harold S. Bernstein - UCSF

Jerome Kahiapo-Dr. Blelloch - UCSF

Nicole Haste-Dr. Todd Nystul - UCSF

Philbert Lee-Dr. Didier Stainier - UCSF

Jason Liu-Dr. Blelloch - UCSF

Tatiane Russo Varys-Dr. Xianmin Zeng - Buck Instititute

Gaelen Smith-Dr. Julie D. Saba - Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute

Kit Man Yeung-Dr. Tushar Desai - Stanford University

Chris Alleyne-Chin-Dr. Alejandro Sweet-Cordero - Stanford University

Joy Arakaki-Dr. Renee Reijo Pera - Stanford University

Dianna Baldwin-Dr. Julie Saba- CHORI

Mehlika Faire-Dr. Diana Laird - UCSF

Julissa Gonzalez-Dr. Emin Maltepe - UCSF

Azucena Lemus Martinez-Dr. Holger Willenbring - UCSF

Rhodel Simbulan-Dr. Paolo Rinaudo - UCSF

Malik Tahir-Dr. Ruby Ghadially - UCSF

Brandon Woods-Dr. Yerem Yeghiazarians - UCSF

Brian Yang-Dr. Takashi Mikawa - UCSF

Ian Blong-Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi- UC Berkeley

Myra Gordon-Dr. Dieter Gruenert - UCSF at Mt Zion

Luz Trejo Martinez-Dr. Su Guo - UCSF

Yimy Villa-Dr. Kara McCloskey - UC Merced

Jin (Huey) Liu-Dr. Deepak Srivastava - UCSF

Ahmad Nabhan-Dr. Geeta Narlikar - UCSF

Diana Quinonez-Dr. Emin Maltepe - UCSF

Kacey VanderVorst-Dr. Maximillian Diehn - Stanford University

Saziya Latif-Dr. Nadav Ahituv - UCSF

Francisco Guerrero-Dr. Geeta Narlikar - UCSF

Thais Cintra-Dr. Michael Clarke - Stanford University

Giovann Diaz-Dr. Stefan Heller - Stanford University

David James-Drs. Arturo Alvarez-Buylla & Mercedes Paredes - UCSF

Carl Johnson-Dr. Ravi Majeti - Stanford University

Kevin Martinez-Dr. Thea Tlsty - UCSF

Anthony Rajah-Dr. Emin Maltepe - UCSF

Jaselle Perry-Dr.  Ralph Marcucio - UCSF

Chris Duldulao-Dr. Mike Longaker- Stanford University

Alina Olivier-Dr. Mike German - UCSF

Kristopher Plambeck-Dr. Saul Villeda - UCSF

Nicholas Larocque-Dr. Susan Fisher- UCSF

Ngoc Hoang-Dr. Maximilian Diehn-Stanford

Su Jun Hong-Dr. Daniel Lim – UCSF

Joseph Oolo-Dr. Thea Tlsty – UCSF

Marisol Pantovich-Dr. Robert Blelloch – UCSF

Nicholas Perotti-Dr. Marius Wernig – Stanford

Cynthia Tang-Dr. Ophir Klein – UCSF

Oliver Oliverio-Dr. Susan Fisher - UCSF

Dulguun Bayardori-Dr. Yerem Yeghiazarians – UCSF

Lenka Maliskova-Dr. Nadav Ahituv – UCSF

Lucy Estella Pill-Dr. Geeta Narlikar - UCSF

David Carillo-Dr. Diane Barber – UCSF

Nicole Galicia-Dr. Ophir Klein UCSF

Kristin Holmes-Dr. Bruce Conklin- Gladstone/UCSF

Jennifer Leddy-Dr. Julie Sneddon – UCSF

Leslie Mateo-Dr. Diana Laird – UCSF

Maria-Milagros Pereira-Luppi-Dr. Emin Maltepe – UCSF

Missy Pham-Dr. Jan Nolta – UCD

Hazal Pektas-Dr. Emin Maltepe – UCSF

Donna Poscablo-Dr. Ralph Marcucio – UCSF

Israel Saucedo-Dr. Geeta Narlikar - UCSF

David Cruz-Hernandez-Dr. Ravi Majeti - Stanford

Alexander Embusch-Dr. Lisa Ellerby - Buck Institute

Bibo Khatibsar Morfin-Dr. Susan Fisher - UCSF

Cesar Morfin-Dr. Robert Blelloch - UCSF

Zachary Pappalardo-Dr. Bruce Adams- Xcell - biotech

Gabe Piexoto-Dr. Miguel Ramalho-Santos - UCSF

Suzette Shipp-Dr. Maria Grazia Roncarolo - Stanford

Rajani Shrestha-Dr. Joseph Wu – Stanford;

Jordan Roselli-Dr. Michael Clarke – Stanford

Alex Valencia-Dr. Emmanuel Passague - UCSF

Chacon Brandon-Dr. Diana Laird - UCSF

Finnerty Brendan-Dr. Dirk Hockemeyer - UC Berkeley

Gilchrist Caroline-Dr. Matt Springer - UCSF

Gomez Rocio-Dr. Andrew Brack - UCSF

Hull Vanessa-Dr. Veronica Martinez-Cerdeno - UC Davis

Hansberry Steven-Dr. Edward Hsaio - UCSF

Pedraza Leslie-Dr. Daniel Lim - UCSF

Puckett Kenisha-Dr. Susan Fisher - UCSF

Ford Gretchen-Dr. Kristy Red-Horse – Stanford 

Mary Adakama-Dr. Susan Fisher - UCSF

Nicole Bellini-Dr. Steven Finkheiner - Gladstone

Orry Elor-Dr. Nadav Ahituv - UCSF

Victoria Mallett-Dr. Theo Palmer - Stanford

Daniela Martinez-Dr. Thea Tlsty - UCSF

Cristina Mora-Dr. Eric Huang - UCSF

Kadellyn Sandoval-Dr. Mercedes Paredes - UCSF

Miriam Valenzuela-Dr. Tippa MacKenzie - UCSF

Darya Zaytseva-Dr. Daniela Kaufer - UCB

Coohleen Coombes-Dr. Jeff Bush - UCSF

Jessica Arozqueta Basurto-Dr. Arturo Alvarez-Buylla - UCSF

Gabrielle Kleyner-Dr. Bruce Wang - UCSF

Karla Medina-Dr. Edward Hsiao - UCSF and Marcus Muench - Vitalant Research Institute

Silvana Jesus Gonzalez-Dr. Jeremy Willsey - UCSF

Eric Gonzalez-Dr. David Drubin - UC Berkeley

(Luis) Angel Ayala-Dr. Marius Wernig - Stanford

Puneet Sanghera -Dr. Michael Longaker - Stanford

Nicole Lopez-Dr. Joseph Wu - Stanford

(YinCong) Johnson Yang-Dr. Joseph Wu - Stanford