CIRM Creating Opportunities through Mentorship and Partnership Across Stem Cell Science (COMPASS) - Inclusive Pathways for Stem Cell Scholars (IPSCS) Program

SFSU CIRM COMPASS IPSCS Program*: Inclusive Pathways for Stem Cell Undergraduate Scholars Training Program 

Prepare a diverse cadre of undergraduate students for careers in regenerative medicine by combining hands-on research opportunities with strategic and structured mentorship.

•An undergraduate training program provides a solid foundation to prepare a broadly inclusive, well-trained life science workforce in regenerative medicine. 

•It grants two-year training scholarships to 25 IPSCS trainees (total 25 scholars will be funded over the course of the five-year funding period) and provides them the resources (monthly stipends, tuitions, conference travel, research training and mentorship support etc.) to build the foundation for implementing innovative and inclusive diversity training address current and diverse workforce needs in emerging stem cell fields. 

•The program is expected to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of undergraduate trainees who elect to pursue various careers in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.  


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Program Highlights: 

•Academic mentoring and inquiry-based research training

•Hands-on stem cell summer internship research (SFSU or UCSF/Stanford)

•Two years of scholarship support (stipends $18,000/year, tuitions $9,600/year, $2,200/year research funds and $1,000/year trainee conference travel) 

•Career mentoring and professional development coaching

Who Shall Apply?

•The program supports biology undergraduate sophomores or juniors who have taken BIOL 230 and BIOL 240 and are interested in alternative career pathways in regenerative medicine (including graduate program, medical/allied health or other professions).

•The program focuses on developing inclusive curricula and the introduction of interdisciplinary career pathways by integrating principles of molecular biology, cell and developmental biology, with supplemental training in leadership, communications, entrepreneurship and ethical conduct of the scientific and professional workforce. 

How to Apply? 

•Contact Program Coordinator Dr. Kristopher Plambeck ( or Program Director Professor Lily Chen (  

•Start accepting application on March 1, 2024 - April 15, 2024.

•CIRM COMPASS-IPSCS Scholarship Application Link:

2023-2025 CIRM COMPASS-IPSCS Cohort:

Benjamin Mingoa (A. Anand Lab-SFSU)

Angelo Orozco (K. Plambeck/L. Chen Lab-SFSU)

Benjamin Lee  (K. Burrus Lab-SFSU)

Cindy Chu  (W. Denetclaw Lab-SFSU)

Elena Dimitrova  (K. Plambeck/L. Chen Lab-SfsU)

2024-2026 CIRM COMPASS-IPSCS Cohort (TBN):


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